Relational Self-Awareness

with Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon

Welcome to your home for life-long learning! My courses have been researched and developed to support YOU during all of the chapters of creating and nurturing a thriving intimate relationship.

Relationships and modern love are difficult, not because you are broken or damaged but because they are our most powerful crucibles for growth and transformation. In our most important relationships, we are put face to face with vital questions about who we are, and what we want.


Dr. Alexandra Solomon has created these e-courses to help you navigate the complex landscape of modern love and promote self-awareness and relational growth. 


I am passionate about helping you create your best relationship ever!

Over the past two decades, I have immersed myself, professionally and personally, in understanding how relationships work: what makes them thrive and what makes them fall apart. 


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Intimate Relationships 101:
Building Relational and Sexual

Learn how to build the strongest foundation for a thriving intimate relationship: Relational Self-Awareness. Whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationships, this course will help you understand your relationship patterns (and what’s behind them) and give you the tools you need to communicate with clarity and curiosity. 

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Can I Trust You Again? Rebuilding after Betrayal or Deceit

Because trust is essential for a thriving intimate relationship, breaches of trust wreck havoc on a couple. In this course, you learn about dynamics of betrayal and deceit, how to discern whether recovery is possible, and what a relational model of healing looks like.

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"This is exactly everything I have been thinking and reading, writing about and talking with friends about for the last few years, but so clearly and articulately laid out...This course has both reaffirmed much of what I have been writing about, but I am excited by all that I have learned within the first module...I am loving the course!"

Intimate Relationships 101 student

Intimate Relationships 101 student

"I started the course with a fair amount of trepidation because of my past struggles in romantic relationships, but I have been so affirmed and so many of my challenges have been normalized in this course. I deeply appreciate the compassion and empathy she brings to her teachings."

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

"Prior to this course I considered myself a decently self-aware individual who just happened to find themselves in one unhappy relationship cycle after another. It is clear now that those relationships had a very low chance of succeeding because rather than understanding myself, understanding my partner, and co-creating a partnership together based on mutual respect and trust, I was only trying to emulate relationships around me that I deemed as 'healthy' and 'successful'. I can say with almost full certainty that without this class that pattern would not have been noticed or broken."

Intimate Relationships 101 student

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