Building Relational and Sexual Self-Awareness.

This course will teach you how to build the strongest foundation for a thriving intimate relationship: Relational Self-Awareness. Learn at your own pace with structured prompts and exercises to help integrate the wisdom of the course into your daily life.




It's time to create the intimate relationship you desire.

Learn how to heal your past, communicate your needs, and build an intimate relationship that can grow with you!


The research is clear: 

Our relationships are the biggest determinant of our happiness.


Yet we’re never taught how to “do” them.


Intimate Relationships 101 is a comprehensive course that will teach you the art and science of loving and being loved.

You will emerge from this course with a deeper understanding of your relationship patterns (and what’s behind them), tools to communicate with clarity and curiosity, and a greater ability to enjoy a sexual relationship rich with connection and joy.


This course will help you reimagine what's possible for your intimate relationship. 


Intimate Relationships 101 is the relationship education you always needed but never received.


I'm Dr. Alexandra Solomon.

Licensed clinical psychologist. Professor. Bestselling author. Couples therapist. Podcast host. Unapologetic love nerd.

I've spent last two decades talking about love, sex, and intimacy with audiences around the world, including in my innovative and renowned course at Northwestern University, “Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101.” 

My approach, Relational Self-Awareness integrates cutting edge research and clinical wisdom to provide you with tools you can put into practice today. I am excited to share this unique online course with you.


You will be guided through six comprehensive learning modules that cover: beliefs and values about intimate relationships, understanding and integrating the past, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, boundaries, and life transitions.


In each module, you will have access to videos as well as accompanying worksheets, handouts, activities, and articles.


Tuition for this transformative learning experience, taught exclusively by one of the world's most trusted relationship educators:



And because a great course includes textbooks...  

You will receive copies of Dr. Solomon's bestselling books, LOVING BRAVELY and TAKING SEXY BACK when you register.

Students of IR101 say things like...

"I started the course with a fair amount of trepidation because of my past struggles in romantic relationships, but I have been so affirmed and so many of my challenges have been normalized in this course. I deeply appreciate the compassion and empathy she brings to her teachings." (IR101 Student)

"This is exactly everything I have been thinking and reading, writing about and talking with friends about for the last few years, but so clearly and articulately laid out...This course has both reaffirmed much of what I have been writing about, but I am excited by all that I have learned within the first module...I am loving the course!" (IR101 Student)

What's included?


The six modules contain video lessons that guide you through the fundamentals of a loving, lasting intimate relationship. Audio-only tracks are also included.


Each module includes additional resources. These worksheets, handouts, activities, and articles have carefully designed to help you integrate your learning into your life.

Bonus Content

You will receive exclusive access to 8 hours of Q+A sessions that Dr. Solomon has offered with students enrolled in Intimate Relationships 101. These sessions offer additional opportunities to apply the content.


Pay-What-You-Can Availability

I am committed to helping people overcome trauma and create healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships. Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) experience statistically more financial hardship and trauma than their white counterparts. This can often lead to additional challenges when it comes to intimate relationships. That is why I am offering a limited amount of "Pay What You Can" seats in my Intimate Relationships 101 e-course.

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When you enroll, you also become eligible for a special 1:1 Relationship Consultation with Alexandra! 


E-course students have the opportunity to book a Relationship Consultation, either for themselves or as a couple.

Dr. Solomon will guide you through the Relationship Consultation. Expect that the first half of the Relationship Consultation will be Dr. Solomon sharing initial impressions based on the information you sent and asking follow-up and clarifying questions. During the second half of the Relationship Consultation, you will discuss where to go from here. Dr. Solomon will provide you with tools and ideas for how to create healthier patterns going forward.

It's time to create the healthy, thriving intimate relationship you've always dreamed of.