Intimate Relationships 101 by Alexandra Solomon

Intimate Relationships 101

Learn the art and science of loving and being loved

Launches on January 8th, 2021

It's time to create the healthy, thriving intimate relationship you've always dreamed of.

You have been "studying" intimate relationships your whole life, absorbing messages about love from your family, your friends, your religious institution, movies, social media, porn, and on and on. But how well are those messages serving you today?

The research is clear: our relationships are the biggest determinant of our happiness. Yet we’re never taught how to “do” them.

Instead, we grow up on a steady diet of fairy tales and romantic comedies that leave us ill-prepared for the realities of intimate partnership. Our culture idealizes falling in love but not staying in love. Our collective obsession with romance, but not with learning what it takes to create and sustain a vibrant intimate relationship.

You deserve better.

Intimate Relationships 101 is the relationship education you always needed but never received.

Intimate Relationships 101 is a comprehensive course that will teach you the art and science of loving and being loved. This course will help you learn how to practice relational and sexual self-awareness-- the foundations of a healthy intimate relationship. You will emerge from this course with a deeper understanding of your relationship patterns (and what’s behind them), tools to communicate with clarity and curiosity, and a greater ability to enjoy a sexual relationship rich with connection and joy. This course will help you reimagine what's possible for your intimate relationship. 

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Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Licensed clinical psychologist. Professor. Bestselling author. Couples therapist. Unapologetic love nerd.

I've spent last two decades talking about love, sex, and intimacy with audiences around the world, including in my innovative and renowned course at Northwestern University, “Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101.” 

My approach integrates cutting edge research and clinical wisdom to provide you with tools you can put into practice today. I am excited to share this unique online course with you.

Why now?

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Learn at your own pace with structured prompts and exercises to help integrate the wisdom of the course into your daily life.

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What's included?


The six modules contain video lessons that teach you the fundamentals of a loving, lasting intimate relationship. Audio-only tracks are also included.

Journal Prompts

In addition to the worksheets that accompany each module,  you'll receive weekly journal prompts to help you integrate your learning into your life.

Live Q&A

Everyone who enrolls during this initial launch will have the opportunity to participate in two exclusive live Q&A sessions with me!

Syllabus Overview

Modern Love: Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities
We expect more from our intimate relationships than we have at any other time in human history. Our elevated expectations demand an elevated paradigm! This module will help you clarify your beliefs and values and begin to speak the language of relational self-awareness.

The Stories You Love By: Understanding Your Past
Your lived experiences become the "pair of glasses" through which you experience yourself, your partner, and your relationship. This module will help you understand the roles and patterns you bring in from your past, how they become activated in the present, and what to do when that happens.

Communication and Conflict: Speaking the Truth with Love
Conflict is inevitable. This module will teach you a framework for handling moments of disappointment, difference, and frustration in a way that will help you find a space beyond shame and blame, so conflict can become a gateway to deeper intimacy.

The Love You Make: Enjoying Sexual Intimacy
Sex is both a behavior and a gateway to some of our deepest questions and longings as human beings, and sexual self-awareness is the foundation of a vibrant sex life. This module will help you understand your sexual self, teach you how to face sexual challenges with courage and empathy, and enjoy the love you make!

Me, You, Us: Creating Boundaries and Navigating Differences
Points of difference can easily become points of contention unless we approach them with care. This module will teach you how to create healthy boundaries, blend your lives without losing yourselves, and talk lovingly and effectively about cultural (racial, ethnic, religious, etc.) and gender differences.

Plot Twists: Adapting and Flowing through Changes in Your Relationship
Love is alive, dynamic, and unfolding, but change is stressful! This module focuses on key relational turning points to help you approach changes (both the expected and the unexpected ones) as a team.
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All students receive both books!

I couldn't offer a course without required reading, right? Every US-based student will receive both books in the format of their choice. International students will receive e-books.


Who is this course for?

Whether you are single, partnered, or nonmonogamous, this course is for you. The foundation of this course is relational self-awareness, which can benefit everyone, regardless of relationship status. You'll finish this course feeling more confident and empowered to create the relationships you want, whether you already have that special someone(s) or are still looking.

What if my partner is reluctant to participate?

It can be challenging when one person in the relationship wants to dive in and the other is skeptical. Be compassionate and curious about what might be blocking your partner's willingness to participate. 
  • In some parts of the world, talking about feelings and relationships is taboo. 
  • Men are socialized to equate emotions with weakness.
Your partner's lived experiences may make a course like this feel unfamiliar and daunting. You will need to honor these barriers while still asking for what you want and need. Lead with empathy when you make your request: "I know this is out of your comfort zone, but I really want us to do this." See if you can find a way to be direct and upbeat: “I love us, and I want us to do all we can to feel connected and safe in this relationship.” 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

The videos for each module can be viewed in about an hour, but you'll want to set aside additional time to complete the worksheets and assessments that are essential parts of the curriculum. I recommend holding time in your schedule each week to watch the videos and do the integration work, so that you maximize your transformation and learn to "walk the talk."

I'm a therapist, will I receive CEUs?

Since this course is made for individuals rather than therapists, this course does not provide CEUs. If you're a therapist interested in better serving your clients, I recommend the e-course I created with PESI and Psychotherapy Networker called, "Loving bravely: Helping clients who are single, dating, and single again."

If I've read your books, should I still take the course?

Absolutely! While relational/sexual self-awareness is the foundation of both books and of this course, the focus and organization of this course are different from the books, and the content and worksheets are unique to the course. And because we are all “works in progress,” we hear material differently based on the delivery format if you are taking this course with a partner, the experience will be different than reading a book alone, and if you are taking this class on your own, you will receive information differently in this format. 

I'm already on the Mine'd app, should I still take the course?

Yes! The Mine’d app is an incredibly special offering, and I'm so excited to be a founding expert. The Intimate Relationships 101 e-course will support your experience in the app, and the app is a wonderful adjunct to the course, but one is not a replacement for the other.

What Others Are Saying

"I enjoyed the ease, directness, and warmth with which Solomon guides us to deeper sexual and relational self-awareness. An invitation we can’t refuse!”
Esther Perel, NYT Bestselling Author and TED speaker
"Her style creates safety and warmth from start to finish as she asks us to lean into vulnerability and connect with ourselves in order to connect more deeply with others."
Vienna Pharon, LMFT
"Alexandra Solomon is an insightful and engaging resource whose knowledge of intimacy and vulnerability in relationships had a profound impact."
Pam Sherman, Young Presidents Oranization (YPO)
"Alexandra Solomon provides a clear path to thinking about our sexuality in the context of our psyches, our relationships, and our pleasure."
Lori Gottlieb, NYT Bestselling Author
"Like a wise older sister or a trusted friend, Solomon illustrates how to move from fear to love.... Solomon proves to be a savvy, empathetic voice."
Publishers Weekly

It's time to create the intimate relationship you desire.

Let's learn how to better communicate our needs, feel comfortable and confident in our skin, and build relationships that last.
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